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How To up Your Hair Game With Celebrity Hair Stylist Paul Labrecque

No matter how many YouTube tutorials we watch, sometimes we just can’t nail down that straightener-as-a-curling-iron technique or the most optimal way to layer our hair products. When that happens, we like to consult the experts. And who better to dole out hair advice than the blow-dryer-wielding mastermind behind one of our favorite local salons? We chatted with Paul Labrecque of The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque to get the scoop on his most coveted hairstyling tips.

1. Less is more. For hair, this means it should move. Don’t weigh your hair down with lots of spray. I invented Paul Labrecque Color Finish for just that. It’s an alcohol-free silicone and Argon Oil blend that tames frizz, protects color and adds a weightless beauty to hair.

2. For shiny hair, always end your shampoo with a cold rinse. To up the ante on your fall/winter hair routines, try a stronger conditioner.  For example, if you were using Paul Labrecque Curly Conditioner, try switching to the creamy egg- and milk-based Repair Conditioner and when it comes time to rinse change the water temperature to cold. Your hair will shine like never before

3. Simple is sexy. I believe in four steps to beautiful hair: shampoo to cleanse, condition to add moisture, style to give body and an added finish to look polished and put-together.

4. Hydration, hydration, hydration. If our hair is thirsty, we see split ends and frizz. Take a vile of the Paul Labrecque Repair Treatment, heat it in a cup of warm water and apply. When you’re ready to go out, shampoo with the Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner. Your hair will be super-hydrated and healthy-looking.

5. Full hair makes you appear younger. The makers of Revita Lash have invented ReGenesis Micro-Targeting Spray that encourages growth and better elasticity in hair.

6. Banish grown-in roots. There is not much we can do to stop roots, however oxidation or the changing of your color over time is the main focus of the Paul Labrecque Haircare Color Line. Using a combination of apricot and sunflower essential oils and sunscreen for both UVA and UVB sun protection, we give your color a fighting chance.

7. Or, diminish roots’ appearance. Viviscal has devised hair fibers in different shades. When tapped on your roots, gray disappears, making your hair look even-toned and thick.

8. Get a blowout at home. GHD has created an iron that, with just a flick of the wrist, gives hair body. A complete turn of your wrist provides bouncy curls. It’s great for professional-style results at home.

For more information about changing your hairstyle this fall at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club – Hair by Paul Labrecque, click here.