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Are You Selecting the Best Health Plans For Your Employees? This Tool Might Help

Photo credit: iStock/PeopleImages

Photo credit: iStock/PeopleImages

If you’re in charge of selecting health plans and benefits for your employees, then you understand just how daunting and, yes, confusing it can be. To remedy this, UnitedHealthcare provides employers with Health Plan Manager. It’s an integrated member-centric, analytic platform designed to pinpoint opportunities to help improve clinical outcomes and mitigate expense. 

Health Plan Manager offers a comprehensive look at health data, including: medical claims, prescription claims, ancillary claims, clinical and wellbeing, population life stage/demographics, and provider information. That way, you can leverage this data to help you make more informed decisions for you and your employees regarding health plan options. In fact, UnitedHealthcare uses it themselves when determining the efficacy of their health plans, programs and benefits they offer companies.

Keep reading for a peek at the standout features Health Plan Manager offers:

Straightforward Design // Health Plan Manager provides focused data to help employers improve plan design. The desired outcome is simple: improved health and wellbeing of your company’s covered population. The tool is designed to provide users a simpler experience (the dashboard is conveniently color-coded!), with the goal of offering greater value.

Population Health Measurements // The tool captures the scope of your clinical management programs’ outreach and engagement results, and then shows how the numbers stack up, allowing you to utilize data that may be tricky to find otherwise.

Population Segmentation // Get the scoop on your employee population, so Health Plan Manager can help so you make more informed decisions about plan design. Health Plan Manager augments medical information with social attributes, geographic and economic data to allow targeting of high-needs populations.

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As of June 2016, Health Plan Manager is only available for certain group sizes.
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