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5 Reasons to Break Out Your Bike This Summer

Photo credit: RyanJLane/iStock

Photo credit: RyanJLane/iStock

If you’re looking for a summer activity that combines adventure, a workout and lush scenery you’re in luck: cycling tackles all three. Need more convincing to break out your bike? Check out these five reasons why it’s healthy, convenient and easy to travel on two wheels. 

  1. Philly is a bike-friendly city. With more than 400 miles of on-street bike lanes, Philadelphia leads U.S. cities in the most bike lanes per mile according to an article that appeared on Redfin last month Philadelphia is also fifth in terms of total on-street bike lanes in U.S. cities. Even better: Center City has an easy-to-navigate grid system and is relatively flat.
  2. It’s more accessible than ever. With the April 2015 launch of Philadelphia’s bike sharing program, Indego, more people are choosing pedals over cars and buses. Locals and visitors alike can rent bicycles from more than 70 locations across the city. Rentals start at just $4 for the first half hour and the bikes can be returned to any station in the city. What’s more, this bike-sharing program allows users to pay for their rental in cash, making it super-accessible to all. Frequent users can purchase an Indego membership for $15 per month, while low-income Philadelphians can opt for a $5 monthly Access Pass, which includes 30 days of unlimited 1-hour trips (trips over one hour are $2/hour).
  3. You’ll log a workout. Sitting in traffic isn’t great for your health…or your stress level. In fact, this article explains how it can increase anxiety levels and potentially lead to weight gain. Not only does cycling help evade traffic jams, but it is great exercise. It works the glutes, calves, quads and helps improve the core muscles, posture, and balance. Plus, biking on a sunny day will give you a healthy dose of vitamin D that you’ll never get taking the Broad Street Line. (Just be sure to slather on some sunscreen to protect yourself!)
  4. The city looks different on two wheels. Riding a bike offers a connection with the city that can’t be found while driving or taking public transit. When you ride a bike to your destination you start to notice things you may not have noticed before. You discover new routes to take and little hole-in-the wall spots you just don’t see while you breeze by in a car or on a bus. Not to mention, riding your bike to your destination may get you there faster.
  5. It’s a fantastic way to see nature. Philadelphia has two rivers and one of the country’s largest urban parks, giving cyclists the opportunity to explore miles of waterfront and woodsy trails. Both the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers have bike trails along them that offer beautiful views. The Greater Philadelphia region is also home to a slew of circuit trails totaling over 750 miles. In fact, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is currently working to connect all of the trails, creating a network.

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