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Here’s How to Incorporate your Favorite Beer into an Instagram-Worthy Summer Soiree

Now that it’s August, we’re reminded that beach days, barbecues and day trips won’t stick around for much longer—making it the perfect time to plan an end-of-season gathering while Philadelphia’s warm, sunny weather still permits.

To inspire your seasonal menu, we spoke to local fashion, food and travel influencer Ashlee Favro, the creator behind the lifestyle blog Tusks and Tails, for tips, tricks and recipes that will keep your end-of-season soiree feeling fresh and refreshing. Her secret: Blue Moon Belgian White beer, whose light and zesty flavor not only pairs well with a variety of summer dishes but also works well when added to recipes. “I love that Blue Moon isn’t hoppy and is more refreshing than other beers while still having body to it,” Favro says. “It’s perfect for summer as it’s light enough to enjoy a few, especially during the warm summer weather.”

Make Your Lists

Favro notes that some of the most important elements of a summer get-together are great company, a stylish place to lounge—“Preferably outside,” she says—fun games, and, of course, a well-curated food and drink menu.

She advises putting together a complete guest list first and then outlining the party’s budget, even if that list includes just a few people. “Having a clear plan will make everything come together, from the food to the decor,” she says.

Create a Seasonal Menu

For summer outings, Favro likes to serve orange shrimp skewers and Blue Moon mussels and pasta. The first is a simple skewer of shrimp and seasonal cherry tomatoes, marinated in fresh lemon and orange, and then grilled. The other is a one(ish)-pan wonder with linguine, mussels, Blue Moon beer, oranges and more, perfect for wowing guests.

As for her inspiration, she notes, “Blue Moon’s light and refreshing taste pairs perfectly with fish and seafood for the perfect summer meal!” The Belgian-style wheat beer also pairs well with orange—a freshly sliced wheel is an iconic garnish for the beer at bars. “I love cooking with and adding orange to summer dishes. It can turn a heavier meal into tasting light and crisp.” She notes that, especially for seafood dishes, oranges can provide a tangy citrus element to an otherwise savory dish.

Of course, Blue Moon’s food friendliness makes it a natural partner for more than just seafood and citrus. Favro also recommends partnering it with hot dogs, burgers, salads and even some elevated Italian dishes as a good complement to Blue Moon’s light, crisp taste. “Blue Moon pairs well with food as it doesn’t sit heavy,” she adds. “You can pair it with a variety of dishes.”

Add the Finishing Touches

As a lifestyle influencer, Favro knows that it’s all about the details. To top off the gathering, she recommends grabbing some Citronella candles to keep pesky bugs away from guests, investing in some cute summer dishes and glassware, and using edible flowers to freeze into ice cubes to elevate any drink to fit the party’s sunshine-filled aesthetic.

Try out these Blue Moon-inspired recipes at your end-of-summer soiree or look for more inspiration here.

Blue Moon Mussels & Pasta

TK linguine
2 T. butter
1 onion, diced
TK garlic
TK mussels
1/2 can Blue Moon Belgian White beer
1/2 orange, zested
Arugula, to taste

Boil a pot of water to cook your linguine. While the pasta is cooking, add butter to a hot shallow pan. Add onion to the pan along with garlic. Cook until fragrant, then add mussels and half a can of Blue Moon beer. Cook on high heat for 4-5 minutes, then reduce heat to simmer and cover for an additional 3-4 minutes. Once mussels are opened, turn off heat and add your pasta to the pan. Mix everything together evenly. Zest half an orange on top and squeeze the remaining orange into the dish, garnish with arugula and serve immediately!


Orange Shrimp Skewers

TK large shrimp
TK cherry tomatoes
TK lemon
TK oranges
Parsley, for garnish

Place shrimp and cherry tomatoes, one after the other, on grill skewers. Marinate skewers in fresh squeezed lemon juice and orange zest for at least 30 minutes before grilling. Grill skewer 5 minutes on each side and garnish with parsley before serving!

For more on Blue Moon’s artfully crafted mission visit them online.