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These Philly Food Industry Professionals Have the Coolest Creative Side Hustles

After a weekend of non-stop orders up and busy nights behind the bar, where does a waiter, bartender, hostess, chef, etc. spend their Monday night? Far from the place you probably first saw them.

Well, where they venture might really be left to their own devices, but for dozens of food industry professionals, they’re flocking back to the restaurant for a very different reason. Arts in the Industry, a local grassroots organization headed by Alison Hangen, is bringing them back to work toward their real dream job: Being an artist.

After a long shift, Hangen and friends were talking over drinks and spurred an idea that’s reigniting the passion in Philly’s underground art scene.

“We were just all talking and someone was like, ‘Hey, you paint? I paint, too!’ From there we were like maybe we should get together and have an art show,” says Hangen. “I never expected there to be more than one.”

So, what might have simply started as a backroom conversation with co-workers has now spurred dozens of aspiring artists to flock back to the bars or restaurants they work to show friends what they’re creating off the clock.

Now, every three months or so Hangen reaches out to friends, spreading invites through word-of-mouth, social networks and email to have them bring their creations together. From prints to paintings, photography to ceramics the room is filled with art that truly has a story to share.

Each event is open to the public and uses the small cover charge at the door to fundraise for local charities. The food and beverages on site (which are wait staff-approved) are all donation based.

“It only exists because people care about it,” says Hangen.

This one-year anniversary party, held at The Olde Bar, is a reflection of how much Philadelphians not only care about art but supporting the dreams of those who are creating it.

Life is all about embracing each day with a creative twist. That’s why Blue Moon is proud to be served by those who appreciate the passion that goes into a work of art–whether that artwork is one of America’s Favorite Beers or a painting on the wall.

For more on Blue Moon’s artfully-crafted mission visit them online.