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The Bathroom of the Future Could Be Yours Today

smart bathroom

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Ever wake up in the morning and wish your shower would automatically set itself to a warm, steamy temperature? Or dream about your bathroom cleaning itself so you wouldn’t have to? What about receiving all your weather and traffic updates while you shave or do your makeup at the mirror? With Kohler’s Konnected bathroom collection, these dreams can become your reality.

Never before has the term ‘high-tech’ been associated with a bathroom, but believe it or not there are a ton of benefits to improving your washroom’s technology. Beyond the upgraded look and feel of the space, there’s also advantages like water conservation and improved sanitation and hygiene.

Ready for a smart, spa-quality space? Here’s all of the exciting, sleek and smart appliances you need to craft your connected bathroom.

Voice-Activated Mirrors

You can finally get a response to the age-old question, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” by simply asking Alexa (no promises on her response, though!). With Amazon Alexa built into the Verdara Voice Lighted Mirror, you can alter the intensity of the room’s lighting without even flicking a switch, ask Alexa for weather and traffic updates, play your favorite songs or control your other connected bathroom products. You’ll never have to stumble around looking for a light switch again, and your reflection will never look more radiant.

Voice-Controlled Faucets

Now you can activate your hardware, hands-free with the Sensate faucet. With a voice command, you can not only turn the water on and off, but also ask for exact measurements to be poured. Need to fill your baby’s bottle without putting him down? Now you can. Have marinade coating your hands and don’t want to dirty your hardware? Now you don’t have to. By pairing your faucet with your preferred platform (Google or Amazon) you can pre-set commands from your phone. By stating commands like “Fill my coffee pot,” your hardware will automatically know to fill the pot with six cups of water, based on your set preferences.

Touch-Less Response Toilets

Don’t let the germs left behind on handles deter you anymore. With touchless technology, you can simply slide your hand over or around the toilets handle and voila—it will flush on its own. Have you ever heard of a more hygienic space?

Self-Activating Showers and Baths

Never wait for a shower to get warm or a bath to fill again. With The DTV+ shower and the PerfectFill tub you can preset your wash times, water temperature and pressure, and steam, light and sound settings with a voice command or on the Kohler Konnect app. You can also program different profiles for every member of the family. Maybe you like your bath water warm but your kids need it cooler. Or you like a strong stream of water in the mornings and a gentle pressure to relax post-workout. You can program all of these preferences into the app. The app also allows you to monitor the water meter so you can see how much water is being consumed and who is consuming the most. You’ll finally have the proof you need to tell your teenage daughter to cut back on the one hour showers.

Voice Command Temperature Controls

Kohler’s intelligent toilet features a foot warmer and heated seat (so you’ll never wince from cold again!), a personal cleansing bidet (how European!) and ambient lighting (bye bye blinding fluorescent lights!). Oh, and it’s self-cleaning—meaning you never have to touch a dirty toilet brush again!

Convinced you need to switch to smart appliances? Visit the Kohler Signature Store at King of Prussia or their website for more information.