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Top-Class Cuts and A Modern Setting: This New Atlantic City Restaurant Is Redefining the Contemporary Steakhouse

Courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

When you think of a steakhouse, there’s probably certain images that come to mind. Steakhouses have traditionally been old-school, classic establishments with a very recognizable feel. But at B-Prime, the team from Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa thought outside the box, establishing a new concept that brings top-class cuts to a new, contemporary setting and audience.  

“B-Prime is a modern alternative to the classic steakhouse,” says Robert McIntosh, the director of food and beverage at Borgata. “Our goal is to provide a first-class and engaging culinary experience from the moment guests arrive until the conclusion of their evening. The atmosphere plays a huge part in that.”

B-Prime accomplishes that effect by pairing unique steak selections and inventive dishes with a curated music playlist and an interior that will make you want to stay a while. The restaurant is setting the standard for what a modern steakhouse can be and feel like. Here’s what you’ll see, eat and hear when you step inside. 

All About the Vibes

Courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The ambience at B-Prime is established the second you walk through its doors. The Borgata team has created a lively space that lends itself to socializing and makes guests feel at home. 

To start off your night, you can order from the raw bar and choose a libation from the elevated drink menu. From there, pick from the starters, including coconut shrimp with sriracha lime aioli, wagyu cheesesteak bites, and seared crab cake with preserved lemon and remoulade.  

Courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

What’s more, the dining experience at B-Prime comes with a carefully curated playlist and decor that fits the modern feel of the space. As the night goes on and the drinks start flowing, the music will start to get a bit more lively, and when it’s time to pay your check, you’ll wonder where the time has gone.

The decor and playlists are designed to welcome guests into a social environment,” McIntosh says. “We want guests to dine in a space that lends itself to socializing and enjoying delectable menu items in the company of friends, family or colleagues.” 

What’s for Dinner at B-Prime

Courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

B-Prime’s unique approach extends to its menu, which offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests no matter what they’re looking for. The selection of cuts is deep but carefully composed, and, while B-Prime is a steakhouse first, there’s also well thought out vegetarian and vegan options as well. (The cauliflower steak with pistachio vinaigrette, radish and crispy shallots, for instance, makes sure veggie-lovers don’t feel left out.) 

The menu is as appealing and inviting as the environment guests eat their meal in,” McIntosh says. “It blends hand-selected steak cuts from across the country, locally sourced fresh produce, and a variety of eclectic side dishes, starters and entrees.”

As for the steak options, B-Prime has a collection of meats on the menu that come from carefully selected farms. Cuts range from premium wagyu beef to steakhouse standards. Regarding the latter, standouts include filet mignon and New York strip. 

And for something more unusual, the menu offers what it calls a “Taste of Japan”: steaks representing the finest types of beef you can get from Japan. Choose from “True” A5 kobe beef, a rare and hard-to-find variety; olive beef, which comes from cattle raised on Shodoshima, a Japanese island known for its olive oil; and saga beef, which is known as one of Japan’s best cuts. 

Courtesy of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Better yet, why not make it a flight? Seared on a hot stone tableside by your server, B-Prime gives you the option to order a “flight” of all three styles so you can perform your own personal taste test — or share with your dining companions and determine a favorite. 

As for the non-beef options, try dishes like king salmon with fennel, orange and calamansi, or the half-roasted chicken from Amish Farms, cooked in sicilian ginger sauce. Be sure to also peruse the elevated-but-classic side dishes, including mac and cheese, mushroom truffled mashed potatoes and chipotle “corn” brulee. At B-Prime, you’ll have plenty of options for fun and contemporary flavors that pair perfectly with a space that provides a new spin on the steakhouses you’ve come to know.

Dining at B-Prime means an energetic, dinner party atmosphere set in a contemporary and high-end restaurant,” McIntosh says. “It’s a wholly unique experience that offers something for everybody.”

B-Prime is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. For more information, head here, and to book a reservation at B-Prime, call 609-317-7167.