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A Way of Life for Audrey Claire

“I spend 90 percent [of my day] working on Audi FEASTIVAL.”

That’s not something you expect to hear from one of Philadelphia’s top restaurateurs. With three highly successful establishments all commanding the spotlight, Audrey Claire has garnered a formidable spot in this city’s thriving restaurant scene. From her namesake, Audrey Claire, to the hotspot known as Twenty Manning Grille just across the street, it’s her most recent venture, Cook, a “collaborative kitchen-classroom” that has solidified her culinary stature.

But beyond food – as delicious as it may be – Claire has continued to nurse one of her other creative passions. “I’ve always had a love for art,” which fortuitously lead her to a collaboration with FringeArts, an organization which celebrates and promotes the live arts in Philadelphia. “It was a no-brainer when the board of the FringeArts asked me to raise money [for Audi FEASTIVAL].”  Sponsored by the leader in luxury automobiles, Audi FEASTIVAL, known as the “ultimate dinner party,” is an annual event – this year’s taking place on September 17th at FringeArts, 140 N. Columbus Blvd. – merges two of this city’s most beloved genres, all to benefit FringeArts where Claire is a member of the board.

Claire’s friendships with top chefs across the city (ahem, Michael Solomonov) allowed her to call upon the culinary elite for their help in bringing the event to fruition. Serving scrumptious fare while viewing fabulous live arts, an amazing auction and more, Audi FEASTIVAL has come far from its humble beginnings of 40 restaurants in a warehouse to its now 80 restaurants and bars serving 1,000 guests on the Delaware River. Coming up on its sixth year, Audi FEASTIVAL is, undoubtedly, an invaluable asset to this city. According to Claire, its surefire success is surely because it corroborates all the effort that FringeArts puts forth into placing the arts front and center in Philadelphia.

“What I love about Audi FEASTIVAL is that it’s a collaboration between culinary arts and the live arts,” Claire succinctly sums up in this video. Having become a mainstay in Claire’s life (and in this city), there really is nothing better, or more valuable. “I think it’s really important that Philadelphia becomes the epicenter of culinary and live arts; it’s important that a city becomes a cultural city…”

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