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Driving Forces: Radiologist and Mother Susie Shah Shares How She Tackles Work-Life Balance

Driving Forces, a new interview series presented by Audi, is an off-the-cuff exploration into topics like innovation and parenthood in the Greater Philadelphia region. In each video, we pair two remarkable local women in an array of industries and task them with questions, from the probing to the playful. 

In this installment, editor and co-founder of Philly-based parenting website wee-wander.com, Christy Lejeune, joins us again. This time, she’s interviewing Susie Shah, who’s both a radiologist at Chestnut Hill hospital and a mother to twins, while they go for a ride in the new Audi Q7. En route, they discuss motherhood, the challenges of work/life balance and the best advice Shah’s ever received.

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