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7 Tips for Running Safely at Night

Humidity-free and perfectly temperate, fall is surely one of the best seasons for runners. However, as the days press on, the sun sets earlier and earlier, requiring runners to exercise in the dark. But don’t be so quick to bow out of those post-work runs: Working out safely in the evening is still possible, as long as you implement these easy tips.

1. Don bright, reflective clothing. New Balance’s Beacon Line includes both neon fitness apparel and sneakers and is specially designed for folks who run at night. The clothing is equipped with reflective accents that need to be charged for only 10 minutes in the light to become illuminated, providing three levels of visibility. Tip: if you wear sneakers or bottoms with neon accents, cars are more likely to see you because your legs are in motion.

2. Wear a baseball cap. The bill of the cap will act as a temporary shield in case an unseen branch obstructs your path.

3. For your safety, favor routes that are well-lit. Don’t test out new paths or routes in the evening. Save ’em for the weekend during the daytime.

4.  Leave your ear buds at home. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go playlist- and podcast-free in order to avoid compromising your hearing. This will help you detect oncoming cars or other runners on the path.

5. Recruit a running partner. That way, there will be somebody to keep you alert, and your buddy can call for help in case you injure yourself.

6. Run against traffic. Sure, you probably run with traffic during the day, but at night, it’s smarter to be able to see cars and bikes head-on.

7. Bring your cell. It sounds like a no-brainer, but there are apps — like bSafe — that let you share your location with loved ones and allow you to press an alarm in case of an emergency, signaling pre-specified contacts.

For more information about NB Glow, visit New Balance’s sweet new Rittenhouse shop at 1615 Walnut Street.