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The Only Sneaker You Need This Fall: New Balance’s Fresh Foam Zante

The hybrid of fashion and function is a rare find, and even rarer in the athletic footwear realm. So when we find a pair of kicks that are as appropriate for interval training along the Schuylkill as they are for impromptu errands, we are so in. The folks at New Balance have dreamed up Fresh Foam Zante, a footwear amalgamation that combines performance-enhancing intelligent design and effortless style. It’s like athleisure, but, well, for butt-kicking athletes.

The sneakers feature a groundbreaking performance sole that’s micro-engineered to make the bottoms of the shoes feel like cushions. The underfoot geometries also align with your foot’s natural curves, promoting stability. Plus, the rounded rubber outsole is not only durable, but also ensures that shoe is light and flexible, which makes them perfect for tossing on pre-run or pre-lunch.

But perhaps the best part about these sneaks is their insane wearability. Appropriate for intense training, trekking and, well, sprucing up your look, they certainly live up to the hype. And in keeping with the brand’s commitment to 24/7 lifestyle wear (which, by the way, we adore), New Balance has been rolling out new iterations of the sneakers to fit different aesthetics. Our new favorite: the Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt. Made for men, the kicks are designed with a sweatshirt textile on the forefront and deep fall-worthy hues on the body (think: merlot, navy, black and grey). The tan gum rubber sole is also a nod to our favorite vintage classics. Pair ‘em with some on-trend joggers, or don them — spandex and all — during your next marathon training session.

For more information about finding the right fitness gear for you, visit New Balance’s sweet new Rittenhouse location at 1615 Walnut Street.