These Are the Coolest-Looking Fake Christmas Trees Ever

A decorative alternative to, ya know, real ones.

tree alternative

Turn your idea of “Christmas tree” on its head. | Images via Mio.

Feel bad about the fact a living, oxygen-releasing tree gets cut down every year just to be propped up in your living room for a few weeks? Maybe you should. According to this Time article, “People cut down 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization.” Given the fact that our environment is freaking out a little (have you stepped outside lately?), it’s time for everyone to pitch in and cut down on our global waste in any way possible.

Enter Mio, a Philly-based design studio that manufactures a cool, mod and sustainable (!) Christmas tree alternative. The Nomad System X-mas Tree ($150) is made right here in Philly, and will last for years to come (thus, sparing many a Douglas Fir). It’s made out of double-wall colored cardboard in the shades of your choosing and brown trunk. Keep things traditional with an all-green tree, or embrace your alternative wannabe-tree and go all out with funky colors, like cool grey, bright ochre, deep cyan or happy magenta. Why not?

The “tree” stands at roughly eight feet tall, five feet wide, and a foot deep, so your living room won’t feel empty. It comes in a bundled set of two colors, plus a star and cardboard ornaments (but it will hold your traditional decorations too). When the holidays are over, the cardboard compresses into flat packs for super easy storage. The best part? The cardboard is made out of recycled materials by a packaging company in the city. With this sustainable alternative, you’re saving a tree, recycling waste, and supporting local business. Now that’s called a win-win-win.

To get an idea of how cute this can be dressed up IRL, here’s an image courtesy of someone on the Mio team:


Cutting down trees = not chic. | Mio and Shutterstock.