The Ultimate Pope in Philly Style and Survival Guide

He's almost here! Are you prepared?


Pope Francis, arriving shortly. | Shutterstock.

In case you haven’t heard: The Pope is coming to Philly this weekend. Surprise! Whether you’re flipping over transportation or where to find that commemorative Pope-holding-a-cheesesteak-and-Rocky-boxing-glove-bobblehead, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate Popepocalypse survival guide, which covers some of the lesser-talked-about issues (what sort of shoes to wear?!) that we here at Shoppist find very, very important. 

  • As far as what to wear to the festivities, we know it can be hard to strike the right balance between conservative and cute. Look no further than this etiquette guide on what to wear to meet the Pope (even if your ‘meeting’ happens from a million feet away on the parkway).
  • Whether you’re trying to squeeze the most out of your visit or simply avoid the parkway at all costs, check out this list of top 20 activities to do during the Pope’s visit. [Ticket]
  • You best believe theres a papal drink special or two happening in the city, so indulge in a little food and spirits for less. Go on, I’m sure Francis approves. Also be sure to search Twitter’s #OpenInPHL for restaurants and businesses that are braving the traffic to serve you. [F8b8z]
  • And now to the details that are causing so. Much. Panic. Here’s all the public transit, blockade, towing, and scheduling information you would ever need to know this weekend. [News+Opinion]