Local Pope Lookalike Makes Tees and Tiny Onesies Honoring Pope’s Philly Visit

Meet artist Brett Bender.


Image via Facebook.

In the weeks leading up to Pope Francis’s visit, people creating papal memorabilia are coming out of the woodwork (and creating actual woodwork, like this, which is pretty cool). But one artist stands out, mostly because, well, he sort of looks like Pope Francis. (See above. Catch the resemblance? No? A little bit? A lot?)

That’s artist Brett Bender, and he’s designed a t-shirt and onesie to commemorate the Pope’s visit to Philly. See them all here; they retail for $20 (sizes over XL go up to $25). Because if you’re going to buy a commemorative t-shirt, you should buy one made by a Philadelphian. Tip: Enter code ‘joeyobama’ to get free shipping.