Monday Obsession: You (and Your Dog) Will Love This Awesome Sled

Mushing kit sold separately.

Philly’s public and parochial schools have already closed for the day and it’s not looking promising for tomorrow. You know what that means? Sledding. Not tomorrow, of course, because that would be dangerous. But later, when snow is still abundant and the windchill isn’t -36654, we suggest hopping on your toboggan and working your way through The Ultimate Guide To Sledding in Philadelphia.

But if you find yourself sled-less and the prospect of scooting around on a dining hall tray sounds less than pleasing, then you need to scoop up this Colorado Kicksled available at Lancaster’s online design mecca Horne. The foldable sled is made of American white ash, is UV-resistant and can be left outside for extended periods if time without damage.  Plus, you can purchase a Mushing Package—yes, for Fido—in the event you try to act like an Alaskan and make urban dog mushing catch on. (Please don’t.)

The Details: Mountain Boy Sledworks Colorado Kicksled, $360 at Horne.