Shop LA’s Coolest Store at Nordstrom KOP’s Pop-In Shop

Score goods previously only found in LA at King of Prussia.


it’s like Pinterest come to life. | Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.

These days, everyone wants to be a boutique. Even the mega department stores. Case in point: Nordstrom, who just this very weekend launched its latest “pop-in” shop featuring Poketo, an LA-based shop that’s quickly become a cult-favorite destination for artful, innovative spins on everyday items like desk accessories, planners, notebooks, chairs, tables and planters.

The King of Prussia Nordstrom is one of only eight locations hosting the Poketo mini-shop, and it’s worth visiting now (it’s only there through August 3rd!). I suggest scooping up the following:

Can’t make it to KOP? You can shop the collection online, but it’s way more fun to scope it out in person. (Just trust me.)