Coming Next Month: Urban Outfitters Fitness Brand

But why not in Philly?

Shoppist’s sister site Be Well Philly spilled the details on Without Walls, the new Urban Outfitters outdoors and fitness brand slated to launch March 1st. The promo video is enticing (it almost makes me want to go camping) and the gear looks cool—bright patterned tights, colorful sports bras, colorblocked windbreakers, one questionable bodysuit. Surely it will be a more affordable option than Lululemon, which I’ve come to think of as the John Galliano of workout wear: pretty to look at, uber-expensive, and always embroiled in some sort of controversy.

The only problem? It’s not going to be sold in Philly (see what a PR rep had to say to BWP editor here), in a move that makes absolutely no sense since Urban is headquartered here and—judging by BWP’s devoted audience—our city is absolutely fitness-oriented and would eat this up. C’mon, Urban. Show a little love to your home base, won’t you?

Check out a slideshow of some of the Without Walls offerings right here, and then go straight to your local outpost and request they carry the line. Hey, who knows? Maybe if enough of us demand it, they’ll bring Without Walls closer to home. And if not? There’s always Athleta.