Just Listed: Renovated Trinity in Bella Vista

Most trinities are classed as two-bedroom houses. This recently reworked one isn’t — for a very good reason.

house for sale renovated Bella Vista trinity exterior front

What makes this trinity different from all the others? A recent renovation gave this one at 708-A S. Perth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147, a bathroom on a floor all its own. | Bright MLS images via Sell Your Home Services

Every trinity in Philadelphia consists of three rooms stacked one on top of the other, plus a kitchen and at least one bathroom.

As a result, two of the three rooms are usually classed as bedrooms. Rarely does the kitchen fill in for one of the three, and the bathroom is always separate as well, tucked in next to one of the bedrooms.

Well, almost always. This century-old renovated Bella Vista trinity house for sale is the exception to the rule.

This is definitely a one-bedroom trinity because the bathroom takes up the entire second floor.

house for sale renovated Bella Vista trinity living room

Living room

The main floor has the usual elements you find on the first floor of a trinity: a fireplace. some built-in bookshelves, room for a small dining table. One of the things that got updated in this trinity, however, was its spiral staircase; the tight box spiral has been replaced by an open metal staircase, which will make getting your mattress up to the bedroom easier.

house for sale renovated Bella Vista trinity bathroom and auxiliary room

Bathroom and auxiliary room

You will be thankful for that because you will need to haul it up two floors. As noted above, the entire second floor is given over to the bathroom and an auxiliary room with a classic hexagonal tile floor and storage shelves, separated from the bathroom by French doors.

house for sale renovated Bella Vista trinity bathroom


What this means, however, is that this house has a bathroom with room to stretch and relax — room enough to accommodate a separate shower stall and soaking tub.





There’s enough room in the top-floor bedroom to accommodate both a bed and a table and chairs. This means it could double as a home office.  A wall shelf and a ledge with recessed lights give the room a little stylistic flair.



The kitchen is in the basement, with a hatch that allows for new appliances to be hoisted down from above. The current ones, however, are in fine shape.

Cianfrani Park

Cianfrani Park

This renovated Bella Vista trinity house for sale appears to have no yard space of its own. But with Cianfrani Park at the end of your block and a large playground a block and a half away on Ninth Street, you might not really care.

You might actually care more that this house is located on a lane with only one outlet.  That means you have none of the noise and crowds that flock to the streets nearby but can take advantage of the things that bring them to your neighborhood whenever you want. These include the 9th Street Italian Market and South Street, where you will also find a Whole Foods and an Acme next to each other.

If you have kids or are thinking of bringing them into this world, this trinity may not be the house for you. But this might well be just the place for a single person or childless couple. Especially with a bathroom like this one that lets you luxuriate privately.





SALE PRICE: $370,000

708-A S. Perth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 [Daniel Demers | Sell Your Home Services via Zillow]