Property’s Photo of the Week: Philly Papal Visit Inspires New City Banners

Popeadelphia is manifesting quickly.

One week.

As of press time, it’s one week (plus a day if we’re being technical), until Pope Francis, perhaps one of the hottest topics in Philadelphia at the moment (if not the most popular), will be making his way into town with the intention of doing a whole bunch of things, chief among them holding mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, celebrating the Festival of Families, and visiting with inmates at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philly.

Oh, and maybe eating a Wawa hoagie lunch. (What do you think he’ll get?)

Until then, we’ve been seeing banners, like the one pictured here, cropping up around the city. Of course, visual manifestations of the Popemania have been springing up everywhere, which is understandable considering he’s arriving in Philly NEXT SATURDAY!

Which got us thinking… if the Pope can dominate a window display like this, we wonder how far some of his more avid supporters and fans have gone to show their reverence through decor. If you see one worth snapping a photo of, do it and don’t forget to include the #Phillyscape hashtag! (Though maybe #Popeadelphia is more like it.)

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