Craigslist User: Need a Place to Sleep During Papal Visit? Rent My 1993 Honda

Wait, what?

It probably won't look like this. And it probably won't be parked here. | Used un Creative Commons License, via Wikipedia

It probably won’t look like this. And it probably won’t be parked here. | Used with Creative Commons License, via Wikipedia

We were combing through some articles when we came across one posted on the The Real Deal regarding price gouging for accommodations during the Philadelphia Papa Visit from a few weeks ago.

While we’ve talked about short term rentals in the past (and listed some of our favorites), we didn’t realize we weren’t truly thinking outside the box when it came to finding cheap lodging for the pope’s big weekend. Or it could be inside the box (the traffic box, that is), depending on where (and when) one Craigslist user can park their 1993 Honda Accord. They hope to rent it out for $30 per night.

So, would you rent out someone’s car for sleeping purposes during the Philadelphia Papal Visit? Here’s the listing:

“My roommates won’t let me rent my room so if anyone wants a very affordable roof to sleep under, my car is available to rent. It’s a 1993 Honda Accord. So it’s not huge. I can park wherever you’d like – I know of a few good spots near subway stations and within walking distance of the papal events that, if I park there now, will be available to you. but I’m taking the keys with me sorry.”

Unfortunately, there were no pictures included in the listing.

Of course, this could all be a clever joke and we’re not certain on how safe this might be (or if it’s even legal). We reached out to the person via email, but have yet to hear back to see if the car is still available (the listing is now a few months old), or if we missed out on a truly special opportunity to sleep in a 1993 Honda Accord.