Property’s Photo of the Week: Market Street West Is Starting to Wake Up

Remember when 1919 Market was a boring patch of nothing?

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If you follow us on Twitter (@PropertyPhilly – hit us up!), you know we have a bit of a thing for realtime crane and construction crew photos – and don’t even get us started on concrete pours. But can you blame us? Philly is rising right before our eyes!

As of late, though, Market Street in particular has been abuzz with activity: a newly built-out, mid-century-style La Colombe opened its doors at 6th and Market; upcoming units at a currently being “remodeled elevator building” at 304 Market popped up on Redfin; not to mention, the massive East Market project finally had its foundation poured.

Also recently, Richard Basciano was reported to have sold off his chunk of the 2100 block to Brandywine Realty Trust, the group who may very well have inspired this surge on Market in the first place – anyone remember when 1919 Market was a big ole’ patch of “Will-Someone-Please-Do-Something-With-This?”

If our memory serves us well, Brandywine announced they had plans for the grassy lot about two years ago, officially unveiling details on their 29-story project last October. You’ll recall, we totally geeked out when a crane finally went up at the site earlier this year, so much so that we asked one of the operators to take a selfie for our July issue!  

Is it any wonder we decided to make 1919 Market our Photo of the Week?


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