Headlines: What’s Next for Legodelphia?

Plus: Shapeshifting pine cone-inspired building materials and a whole lot more!

Around a year ago, stories started to trickle out about a man named Levi Buffum, who lovingly recreated the Philadelphia cityscape–Race Street to Spruce Street, river to river–using one amazing medium: white Lego bricks.

The pictures, as you would expect, are amazing and also pretty damn realistic. And so, the legend of Legodelphia was born. According to a recent post on Legodelphia’s Facebook Page, Buffum is seeking opinions about what to do with this glorious representation of the City of Brotherly Love. He writes:

I’m still contemplating what to do with it as it’s currently in storage. What do you all think would be a fitting next home for it? Please Touch Museum? Philly Center for Architecture?

So, we present you with one simple question: what should Buffum do with the massive Legodelphia model? (If the option is divvying it up block-by-block or building-by-building, we totally call dibs on the Art Museum.)

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