Partial Building Collapse at Ninth and Wharton

And also on 49th Street of Baltimore Avenue.


Perhaps due to snow and ice, the roof has fallen in on 848 Wharton Street, which, according to public record, is owned by Maria Olivieri of the Pat’s Steaks family. Looking at a Google image of the building before the roof collapse, it seems as though that part of it had some structural issues before the snow came. In the current photo, an orange sign suggests that the building had attracted some notice from L&I. A permit was granted and recently renewed for demolition of the interior, though without any structural changes.

Last March someone posted a complaint about the building on SeeClickFix titled “Dangerous Vacant Building”:

There is a broken second floor window where glass has fallen out of to the sidwalk in the past. Graffiti on outside of building. Rotting frame for roll down door.

As a result, action was taken and “completed” by the City of Philadelphia.

Google Street View of the building's roof.

Google Street View of the building’s roof.

Meanwhile, in West Philly, another building lost part of itself at 49th and Florence, close to Baltimore Avenue.

Be careful out there, everyone!