5 Great Homes for Warming Up

From heated bidet seat to hot toddy room, these houses provide respite.

What are the best ways to warm up after a cold walk in the snow? There’s hot chocolate (spiked, if you like). There’s sitting by the fire. There’s a heated pool, or a sauna, or a gym area to get the blood flowing. Take a warm bath, perhaps. Whatever your pleasure, the houses below oblige.

1. This Medford, NJ, home is all about warmth: indoor heated pool, towel warmers, bath with a bidet and heated seat, and leather floors. Did we mention the heated seat?

1117 W. Strasburg Road, West Chester, PA
2. Here’s a house that not only has a kitchen hearth, which is very warming and reassuring, and a very lovely slate-surround bath, but also a mirror-walled gym space. In truth, though, it looks a bit more like a medieval dungeon, which would certainly be warm.

3. Speaking of eras gone by, this incredible home originally built for the Fleer baseball card family was designed by well known 19th century architect Charles Barton Keen. Fortunately, it has a wood stove and enormous fireplace, so you can turn down the heat and turn up the trees.

4. Why should warming up be only for humans? This Newtown Square estate has something for every species in the home. First of all, there’s the dog shower, which would be an infusion of warmth along with getting rid of whatever the dog rolled in underneath the snow. Then there’s the human bathroom with an infinity bathtub in a windowed nook and heated floors

5. One of the oldest and most reliable methods to warm the body is a dram of whiskey. Though it doesn’t actually raise one’s temperature, it sure feels that way, doesn’t it? This Barto, Pa., farm and former winery — one of our favorite properties of the year — has an old tasting room perfect for a gathering of friends for hot toddies.