Update on 3rd Ward: Going Out of Business

3rd ward

Image of Philadelphia 3rd Ward location via philly.3rdward.com

TechnicallyPhilly has obtained an email sent by 3rd Ward founder Jason Goodman to its instructors saying both the Brooklyn and Philadelphia locations will be closing for good tomorrow. The vision, Goodman writes in the email, was to create “a shared space for our community of artists and entrepreneurs to have a place to work, teach, learn, network and thrive” — and that’s as good a description as any for what 3rd Ward was.

The letter reiterates the suggestion that the Philadelphia location was a costly endeavor when paired with running the Brooklyn location.

Interestingly, Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes compares the 3rd Ward situation to Brownstoner, the real estate blog that tried its hand at a Philadelphia website and was unable to make it work:

Gosh, you just can’t ignore the comparisons to Brownstoner, although a blog launch is a decidedly less costly affair…

And it should be noted that the real estate website Curbed Philly, also out of New York, has had no problems making the New York-to-Philly transition.

Is Philly Expansion to Blame for 3rd Ward’s Troubles?

3rd Ward closes, this is the official letter to instructors [Technically Philly]