10 Hottest Philadelphia Neighborhoods for Home Sales

The numbers are in for June 2013, and the results (drum roll, please) are these:

  1. 19146: includes Point Breeze, Graduate Hospital, Grays Ferry
  2. 19147: includes Bella Vista, Queen Village, Passyunk Square
  3. 19148: includes East Passyunk Crossing, Pennsport, Sports Complex district
  4. 19125: includes Fishtown, East Kensington
  5. 19128: includes Roxborough, Manayunk, Wissahickon
  6. 19130: includes Spring Garden, Fairmount, Francisville
  7. 19111: includes Fox Chase, Burlholme, Lawn Crest
  8. 19103: includes Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square
  9. 19145: includes Girard Estate, Packer Park
  10. 19149: includes Mayfair

There is a caveat, though.

Because the numbers come from the Office of the Controller, we also get the percentage of bank-owned sales and short sales, which changes the picture. The only zip code in which none of the home sales included bank-owhed properties was 19130, and the only one that didn’t include short sales was 19103. Generally speaking, the fewer foreclosures and short sales, the healthier the housing market is in that area.

Taking everything into account, 19130 looks pretty good these days.

Here’s the full report.