New Listings in Passyunk Square: Home’s Facade Matches Nearby Condo’s Kitchen Backsplash

Two homes in Passyunk Square are new to the market this week, and even though one’s a condo and the other is a single-family dwelling, they have something in common.

The two-bedroom condo at 12th and Bainbridge at Le Fleur has a kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a “beautifully tiled mosaic backsplash” (above).

That backsplash, it seems, owes something to the four-bedroom house at 712 Manton Street, which may be the original inspiration for kitchen backsplashes the world over.


Putting such considerations aside, both properties are solid new entries into the Passyunk Square market.

1233 Bainbridge, Unit D [Redfin]
712 Manton Street [Redfin]