Building Collapse News: Demo Contractors Are Licensed Without Training or Exams

Griffin-Campbell Construction, the contractor for 2140 Market Street, was listed on the demolition permit that was granted to the project’s expeditor, L&I spokesperson Maura Kennedy told us today. That was echoed by L&I Commissioner Carlton Williams, who told the press that the proper permits were pulled and that Griffin-Campbell–hired by STB Investments, aka Richard Basciano, who owned the building–was licensed as a contractor.

Griffin-Campbell is indeed listed on L&I’s website under Licensed Contractors, but what does that mean? Kennedy says it means they’ve gone through the necessary steps for licensure, including obtaining appropriate insurance. But unlike some of the other specialized licenses, contractors don’t need to take an exam or have specialized training–to put it lightly. In fact, pretty much anyone you’re sitting next to, looking at, thinking about or hating on right now could be a demolition contractor.

Below, the application. Click to enlarge, though there’s really nothing else to see.