Picture Perfect

In this digital age, most buyers start their search online, often making snap decisions about properties based on the quantity and quality of the images they see. Real estate agents all stress the importance of having multiple photos of your properties when you’re trying to sell your property—but not just any photos. A little work needs to go into staging your home so when it goes live on the web, it’s picture perfect.

Here’s a round-up of tips from local realtors on how to get your home camera ready.

Photography definitely. 25 is your max on MLS; Realtor.com you can have more. The more the better. There are plenty of people who see only one picture and keep going. If they see no pictures, they don’t even ask questions about it. They’re making the same assumptions everyone else is: “I guess that doesn’t warrant a picture.” Show around the house; show everything in the house, details even—if it’s a beautiful triple crown molding, emphasize that. Emphasize the beautiful staircase, the beautiful wood front door.

Olivia Boswell, Main Line

Make sure the realtor uses a professional photographer. Photos are so important. People are looking online first, so you have to look good on it. People can’t have kids, dogs, unmade beds in photos. The house has to be properly staged and decluttered.

Monica Maben, Lower Gwynedd

I think pictures are paramount. We use professionally quality HD photos and always make sure that the pictures show clean, bright, uncluttered spaces. Quality pictures are important because I’m going to put them on the MLS and they’re going to syndicate out to hundreds of websites.  Every property is a little different but generally photos should be taken during the daytime unless the nighttime views are exceptional.

Frank L. DeFazio, Center City

I think the key is pictures. The agent needs to bring in a professional photographer to showcase homes in the best light. They need to get those pictures up as soon as the home is listed. The worst thing is to look for a house online and find it has no pictures. Something is better than nothing. If buyers see a blank slate, they will move on to the next listing. Staging is also important; that will show up in picture. Anything the seller can do to clear out their house and make it look like a model home is helpful.

Terry Kirkwood, Rosemont