Property’s Morning Obsession: Bucks County Dream House With Horse Trough Fountain, Hanging Fireplace, Prom-Ready Greenhouse and Other Wonders

There’s no question Nancy Levie has a unique approach to aesthetics, and it’s no wonder–she once worked in fashion. But now her passion is the house she shares with her husband in Bucks County, and it’s filled with surprises–or rather, it is a surprise itself.


The first unconventional note comes in the form of an all-season greenhouse that’s not used for cultivating plant life but for cultivating social engagement, relaxation and a conduit to the outdoors even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. At an ample 1,200, the design–built by Groundswell’s David Fierabend and admittedly based on an already existing greenhouse at Terrain–is made special by Fierabend’s own sensibility and Levie’s particular sense of aesthetics and design that distinguish everything she does, including a party she’s planning (for adults) for next year. Theme? Prom. We are relatively certain few of her guests’ proms will have included sweet nothings whispered in a greenhouse next to a horse trough that’s been transformed into a fountain. But there’s a first time for everything.


From the vignettes she puts together out of things like old gloves and children’s classroom chairs to her modern home’s architectural details like a hanging fireplace in a silo-styled rotunda, this Bucks County home is utterly unique. Read Emily Goulet’s profile of Levie and see more photos of the home right here.

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