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531px-A_Lady_Writing_by_Johannes_Vermeer,_1665-6Hello! We are PROPERTY, and we’re not sure if we have a Google+ account, but we definitely have a Twitter feed and most certainly have a Facebook page. Won’t you join us over there and be social? You don’t have to brush your teeth or put on a nice sweater. We tweet all of our posts about Philadelphia real estate as well as retweet others’ wisdom extremely selectively (hardly at all, really…so far, maybe once?).

And on Facebook, we have contests and parties and it’s a whole thing over there, which doesn’t mean you have to do anything, but you can engage with other human beings in a happy fashion should that delight you.

Also, if you don’t like being social through “tools,” just go back to square one, and send us an email or good ol’ fashioned snail mail (we accept renderings!). All the info is below.

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