Main Line YMCA to Become Site of Luxury Condos?

After 60 years at its location at Montgomery Avenue and St. George’s Road in Ardmore, the Main Line YMCA will close this fall and reopen at a new facility in Havertown. The new owners of the YMCA parcel announced plans last month to demolish the Y and build luxury condos on the land instead.

A few nights ago, the developers got specific for the Lower Merion Zoning Board. Here’s what the developers propose, though some of this will require zoning variances:

    – 31 units, up to 2,700 square feet each
    – 2 driveways
    – Decreased traffic compared to the Y
    – Underground parking garage (two parking spaces per unit) with lawn or gardens on top
    – Four parking spaces (in addition to the current four) for visitors and handicapped drivers

Neighbors have two primary concerns, it seems:

    1. Cars. Despite testimony from traffic engineer Eric Ostimchuk claiming traffic would decrease compared to the traffic generated by the Y, residents across from St. George’s Road never had to deal with that before. Now traffic to the condos will be on their street instead of on Montgomery. Will headlights shine into their windows?
    2. Access. The public will no longer be able to enter the open space on the Y’s land.

The challenges from the neighbors are not the primary obstacles, though. It’ll be the zoning issues. The Zoning Board will likely next consider the proposal on May 2.

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