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Nikki Haley's son Nalin Haley at a Nikki Haley campaign event in February 2024
City Life

Meet Nikki Haley’s Insult-Hurling Villanova Son

Check phillymag.com each morning Monday through Thursday for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly […]

house for sale villanova traditional moderne exterior front

On the Market: Traditional Moderne House in Villanova

Finally, a Main Line house for people who hate Main Line houses. You wouldn’t guess this looking at its exterior, which fits right in with […]

house for sale villanova jazz age colonial exterior front

Just Listed: Jazz Age Colonial in Villanova

I have no idea whether owner Jay Campbell and his wife love watching HGTV or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I also do not know whether […]

house for sale villanova english country estate exterior front

Just Listed: English Country Estate in Villanova

Some of the finest English picturesque houses in the Philadelphia area date to the Great Depression. Apparently, there were still enough Main Liners who hadn’t […]

house for sale villanova norman mansion exterior front

On the Market: Norman Estate with Entertainment Barn in Villanova

When I hear the phrase “party barn,” the image that pops into my head is one of an actual barn somewhere in Bucks County whose […]

refreshed villanova contemporary house for sale exterior rear

Just Listed: Renewed Contemporary in Villanova

Like 1970s subways do in the public-works realm, 1970s contemporary houses occupy an odd space on the spectrum of American domestic architecture. Some of them […]

house for sale updated bryn mawr colonial house for sale exterior front

On the Market: Updated Colonial in Bryn Mawr

Aside from the rowhouse in all its forms, no other house type or style is as characteristic of the Philadelphia area as the center-hall Colonial […]

villanova neo-colonial house for sale exterior front

On the Market: Neo-Colonial Revival House in Villanova

Some of you who follow this department, no doubt, are fans of the popular architectural-criticism blog “McMansion Hell.”  Every other week, its classically-trained author teaches […]


Just Listed: Turn-of-the-Century Tudor in Villanova

Tudor Revival houses are almost as common as center-hall Colonials among Philadelphia house types, it sometimes seems. But Tudor Revival houses also vary widely in […]

NextHealth PHL

This Villanova Researcher Is Using Earthworms to Create a Human Blood Substitute

When it comes to trauma care, donor blood is a precious commodity. As many as 4.5 million Americans receive life-saving blood transfusions each year. Many […]

house for sale villanova french baroque manor exterior front

On the Market: Gilded French Manor in Villanova

This expansive manor house for sale in Villanova was built right at the peak of the Jazz Age. (Or was it? 1925 is a common […]

NextHealth PHL

This Lifelike Brain Could Help Doctors Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

“Smart brain” sounds redundant because aren’t brains already inherently smart? But truth is, even the slightest head injury can cause major dysfunction in the human brain, sometimes […]

house for sale villanova norman mansion forecourt

Just Listed: Norman-Inspired Villa in Villanova

Inscribed in the stone at the base of the wall to the left of the front door of this one-of-a-kind Villanova estate house for sale, […]

house for sale villanova greystone estate exterior front

Just Listed: English Country Estate in Villanova

Okay, class, school is in session. Today’s lesson: Old and New Money. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the two apart, and they often mix and […]

house for sale villanova custom tudor exterior front

Just Listed: Custom Tudor/Colonial Hybrid in Gladwyne

“They don’t build ’em like they used to.” How often have you heard homeowners, real estate reporters like me, and even builders utter this phrase? […]