Life’s a Beach in Cape May

Neighborhood Watch: Cape May

Do summertime temperatures have you thinking about a beach getaway? Us too. So why not day dream about a Cape May getaway?

A popular vacation spot since the mid-19th century, Cape May continues to attract visitors and residents year round with its unique charms and sunny beaches. Due to its seemingly endless supply of well-maintained Victorian buildings, the entire city is designated a national historic landmark. Its historical charm is nicely complement by a rich arts and culture scene—the town hosts popular events like the Exit 0 Jazz Festival and the Cape May New Jersey Film Festival throughout the year.

Of course, Cape May is probably best known for its beaches–the Travel Channel even ranked it in America’s Top 10.  It’s also recognized as one of the top bird-watching locations in the North East, especially during the fall. At that time of year, throngs of Monarch butterflies also drop by before continuing their 2,000 mile migration to Mexico, a must-see event for naturalists.

Whether you’re looking for a charming new place to call home, or a spot to retreat to during the summer months, Cape May’s rich culture and beautiful beaches are bound to win you over.

Of course, homes like this only serve to sweeten the pot.