The Old Tastykake Factory Looks Awful But At Least We’re Still Saying “Wooder”

The photos out of the old Tastykake factory are heartbreaking–so much so, it’s hard to imagine ever enjoying the clotted moisture of a Butterscotch Krimpet again. The photos were posted on Streets Dept but were taken by the intrepid Ruin Porn, a photographer who specializes in making images of the area’s decaying, abandoned buildings–outside and inside, despite some ticklish legal issues.

Photo by Ruin Porn via Streets Dept

For those who are intrigued by the way old industrial spaces reflect the passage of time when they’re left untouched, Ruin Porn’s Instagram feed is indeed a trove. Look! There’s a green sprig between the cracked linoleum tiles in an old hospital whose doors haven’t been opened for years. The planet turns, we don’t matter–it’s all rather post-apocolyptic, if you think about it, which is certainly appropriate when we’re talking about the Tastykake company abandoning any part of Philadelphia.

Photo by Ruin Porn via Streets Dept Photo by Ruin Porn via Streets Dept

As Streets Dept points out, this decay happened rather briskly, and realtors still wait for a developer interested in the adaptive reuse of the ol’ krimpet factory in Hunting Park. Let’s hope someone gets in there soon because it looks terrible in there.

As if this tragic news about vacant Tastykake housing is not enough for one day, we’ve also learned that according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania linguistics department, the Philadelphia accent is changing, and we’re losing our diphthongs. Is nothing sacred? There is good news, though: Philadelphians still say “wooder.” Thank goodness.