Oh, Stop Being Such a Snob. This Is a Perfectly Nice Suburban Rental

Two bedrooms. Two levels. Central air. A private backyard. One-car garage. Washer-dryer. For $850 per month. In a neighborhood with pretty much no crime. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that this house is in the Northeast, and a lot of people have funny ideas about the Northeast–negative ideas, really. But Northeast Philadelphia is not a monolith, and this home on Erica Street is in Bustleton, which is more like a suburb than a boring, urban wasteland.

We asked a native Nor’easter about this address, and here’s what she had to say:

Oh, that is NICE Northeast. Like, snobby rich Russian Northeast. Like, practically suburban Northeast. (It is very close to notoriously boozy Russian club Golden Gates.) It’s not at ALL like living in the city, but if I was a person who didn’t care about being accessible to Center City, I’d live there.

Close to a boozy Russian club? Sold!

236 Erica Street, Philadelphia, PA 19116