They Met on Instagram, Then Shut Down a Philly Ice Cream Shop for Their Proposal

Danielle started getting the hint when she spotted words from their relationship on the menu.

ice cream shop proposal

Photography by Max Grudzinski

Proposal Month is still going strong here at Philadelphia Wedding! We’ve got guides on everything from where to get the ring to where to pop the question, but today we’re sharing the sweet (and sweets-inspired!) ice cream shop proposal of Albert Lee, the man behind popular local Instagram account @urphillypal, to longtime girlfriend Danielle Sievers.

ice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposal

The Couple: Danielle Sievers, 33, and Albert Lee, 39, both of South Philadelphia

How They Got Together: We met on Instagram back in 2015. Albert DM’ed Danielle because he was photographing the sunset from a building she lived in. Danielle was actually in the process of moving and didn’t initially realize Albert was asking her on a date. Our first date was supposed to be dim sum in Chinatown, but Albert couldn’t wait and asked if he could get Danielle some fro-yo after she moved. Danielle agreed with the caveat there were to be no judgments from the fact she would be a mess from four hours of moving. Fro-yo was followed by dim sum the next day, and then skewers later that week. We knew we had something special after four dates in one week after meeting each other. We were together a little over three years before getting engaged.

ice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposal

The Proposal Story: Albert and Danielle always shared a love of food and attended many a Night Market in Philadelphia, but Albert is not really a dessert person, and Danielle is a picky dessert person. They always ended their Night Market nights with macaron ice cream sandwiches from Sugar Philly, which is the only dessert they agree on. Albert created a menu of “Make Your Own Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches” and mixed in with the flavors various words from their relationship. When the two arrived at the brick and mortar Sugar Philly location, the owner handed Danielle the “specials” (i.e., Albert’s menu). When she read it, she realized this menu was about them. She looked at Albert and said, “Wait, what?!”

ice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposal

Albert got down on a knee and proposed. It took him pointing out their friend Max Grudzinski behind the counter for Danielle to realize Albert also planned having one of Danielle’s favorite wedding photographers and Albert’s friend capture the moment.

Because we met on Instagram, we had always wanted to incorporate the app in our wedding. After the engagement, Danielle changed her handle to @urphillygal, who will marry Albert of @urphillypal.

ice cream shop proposalice cream shop proposal

Congrats to Albert and Danielle, who are planning a Fall 2019 wedding at Liberty View at the Independence Visitors Center!

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