6 Favorite Philly Junk Foods You Can Serve as Your Wedding Late-Night Snack

Your guests will thank you for the drunk food.

Photo of Philly Fry food truck by Dyanna LaMora

Is it even a wedding in 2018 without a late-night snack? If dinner was seared salmon over blanched asparagus, guests will thank you for capping off the reception with a guilty pleasure. Here’s how to get six favorite Philly fast foods to the party. (All of the following order suggestions and cost estimates are based on a party of 125 guests.)

Read on to see 6 crave-worthy late-night wedding snacks, then head to our wedding vendor directory to explore even more awesome local wedding vendors to help you plan your Big Day.

Pizza Slices

Where to get ’em: Nomad Pizza
What to order: An all-your-guests-can-eat array of pies (gluten-free and vegan options available!) will be served from Nomad’s signature REO Speedwagon pizza truck.
How to get it there: Reserve at least two months in advance to have slices served for two to three hours.
Cost: $2,050 for a Saturday night with a $250 deposit, plus an additional $50 per staff member sur-charge after 10 p.m.


Where to get ’em: Federal Donuts
What to order: An 11-dozen free-standing doughnut wall. (Flavor options include crispy Nutella and strawberry lavender.)
How to get it there: Send orders to info@federaldonuts.com at least eight months in advance. Important to note: Delivery and setup must occur before 6 p.m.
Cost: $24 per dozen, plus $300 for setup and delivery.

French Fries

Where to get ’em: Philly Fry Food Truck
What to order: Served from the Philly Fry Food Truck (where you can totally pose for portraits), the bacon cheeseburger-like Balboa Bubba fries are popular. Custom orders are also available.
How to get it there: Email Rich Screnci at rich@phillyfry.com no less than six months in advance. Typical service time is two hours.
Cost: $1,100 to $1,600, depending on travel and menu.


Where to get ’em: SpOt Burgers
What to order: The unlimited burger bar, which is cooked on-site in SpOt’s signature trailer.
How to get it there: Contact spotforhire@spotburgers.com at least three months before your big day; they’ll serve all you can eat for two hours.
Cost: $15 to $20 per person with a $900 minimum.

Tater Tots

Where to get ’em: The Tot Cart
What to order: The “Tier 1 Tot Package” includes tots and two topping sets. (We recommend the “Half-Loaded,” with beer cheese, bacon and sour cream.) Opt for appetizer-size servings; sauces at additional cost.
How to get it there: Request the cart online six months in advance.
Cost: $900 minimum on weekends; travel, taxes and gratuities not included.


Where to get ’em: Pat’s or Geno’s
What to order: 63 sandwiches cut in half.
How to get it there: Place your order with Pat’s one week in advance, and notify them that you’ll be paying via UberEats to secure delivery. For Geno’s, order five days prior, then talk logistics with your planner. (In-person pickup is required.)
Cost: Around $10 per cheesesteak. Geno’s accepts credit cards for catering orders.

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