PW Reader Ring: Lucia & Andrew!

Lucia's ring!

Lucia’s ring!

The couple: Lucia Brooks and Andrew Gershman, from Somerdale

The ring: My ring has a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire and ten round full cut diamonds down each side of the 14-karat yellow gold band. Andrew did a lot of researching about the world of diamonds before shopping! He knew exactly what to look for, and so my ring is near colorless and near flawless. I must admit, I love moving my hand around and watching all the prisms of light sparkling like crazy! He went shopping on his own, picked out this ring, and even had it sized perfectly. Although I had “casually” mentioned my ring size once or twice, he went one step further and covertly measured a ring I often wore on my right hand ring finger against his pinky.

Yes, there was a Pinterest board with examples of my ideal ring style; and yes, I made sure my mother and girlfriends knew about it in hopes they would feel inclined send him the link! He did say he consulted the board once or twice, but was confident he knew my style and personality so well that it wasn’t too necessary (and it’s true, you should see what he comes up with for birthdays and Christmas)! My engagement ring is the most beautiful creation I’ve ever seen. I am proud and overjoyed that he chose this ring and chose me.

The proposal: Four days before we closed on our house this summer, we drove to Ocean City  for a relaxing beach day. While we were sitting there enjoying the sun and ocean breeze, Andrew suggested we walk the boardwalk and go to the Keepsake Old Time Photo studio. I immediately agreed, having no suspicions whatsoever (after all, we’re both fans of antique things and some silly fun, plus I was totally convinced he was going to propose at our new home right after signing the paperwork).

Inside the studio we chose the scenery—a fancy parlor complete with a fireplace and library—and costumes: a dashing Victorian-style suit (finished off with a cravat and top hat) for him and an exquisite hoop-skirted ball gown (with a matching hat and fan) for me. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and this was the closest we could get to going back to that era. We were ready for our close-up, but what I didn’t know, was that Andrew had made a plan with the photographer while I was still in the dressing room!

Dressed up and posed to perfection, the first few photos were taken. Then, the photographer suggested we switch poses, and that’s when it happened—Andrew pulled a gorgeous antique tin box from his pocket and said “There’s something I’d like you to wear in the next photo.”

He was on one knee in front of me, putting this gorgeous ring on my finger while professing his love and asking me to be his wife, all while the camera flashed and captured each moment of surprise, happiness, laughter and love!

The band: I’m still trying to get an idea of what kind of wedding band I want, and we haven’t gone shopping to try on yet. Since there are channels on each side, I’m not sure if a sparkly band would take away from my engagement ring or enhance it. I am open to suggestions!  Plain or more sparkles—what do you think?

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