7 Tips For Traveling During the Name-Changing Process



If you’ve done even the slightest bit of research into what it takes to change your last name post-wedding, you know that it’s not the simplest (or quickest) of processes. Between the endless legal forms, phone calls and office visits that are often required, it can take weeks to make your Mrs. title official—and it’s likely you’ll be heading off on your honeymoon sometime before the process is completed.

As you might expect, traveling while in the midst of changing your name can come with a few complications, so it’s important to know the main rules and regulations involved prior to planning your ‘moon. (The last thing you want to deal with is an unexpected hang-up at the airport because your ticket was booked in the wrong name.)

To make traveling a bit easier for newlyweds, Travel + Leisure put together a few really helpful tips that cover the basics of flying before your name is legally changed. All of the info you need to know about passports and airline tickets is included here, so read up and take note before confirming your travel itinerary.

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