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Seems like we were just talking about how you can change your name and still keep your SEO intact—and here we have another few things to consider on the name-changing front in this digital age. Well, actually, it’s more than a few. Increasingly, it’s not just about your bank account and driver’s license, anymore.

This article in The Atlantic points does a good job of pointing out all the things you’ll need to think about when it comes to your online identity and taking your new husband’s last name. Besides all of the biggies, which have traditionally always been an issue when it comes to changing one’s name (Social Security, driver’s license, bank account, post office, etc., etc.) and how you’ll go professionally, there is: email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, personal or professional websites, all on a seemingly unending list of online realms in which you’ll have to decide what name you want to go by—and how you’re actually going to go about changing it. (Hint: the article’s got a rec for a service who can help you with that.)

Something to think about. Your bigger to-do list might come before your wedding—but there’ll definitely be one waiting for you after your honeymoon.

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