Celeb Engagement Update: Hilary Swank!

One of my friends from college and I used to marvel at how hopelessly in love Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe seemed to be during their married years. “OMG he cannot even breathe around her!” we’d exclaim whenever she’d go up to get an award, and he’d gaze upon her with his weepy eyes, hands clutching his heart. Safe to say, we took it pretty hard when they got divorced.

Well, we are happy to report that things seemed to have turned out alright for Ms. Swank, who is, today, boasting a brand new and extremely gorgeous Art-Deco-vintage-y-feeling engagement ring, bestowed upon her by her new fiance, Ruben Torres:

A photo posted by Hilary Swank (@hilaryswank) on

As per usual, People came to the rescue with a much better, closer-up shot of the bauble—and we most definitely approve. We love it when a couple goes for something different than a diamond, because there’s usually some cool significance or interesting reason or style decision behind it, and that just means the choice is even more personal and them.

Now, like we do, we wait for the dress.

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