10 Must-Read Tips For a Successful Honeymoon



We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Planning your honeymoon is supposed to be one of the most exciting parts of piecing together your wedding celebration—and not another cause of undue stress and anxiety leading up to your Big Day.

We know it can get overwhelming, though, what with planning the party of a lifetime and the vacation of a lifetime all at once, so we always strive to relieve some of the pressure so you can actually enjoy the process (go ahead and flip through our endless supply of honeymoon inspiration roundups to see what we mean) while you’re at it.

In the past we’ve talked about how your newlywed status can come in handy when getting deals and upgrades from airlines, hotels and restaurants on your ‘moon. Take another look at that if you need a refresher—those tricks will definitely make your stay all the more special (and you’ll save a few bucks, too).

Additionally, take note of these 10 expert tips, which cover everything from the best times to travel to why packing a well-stocked carry-on bag is a must. There’s some really thoughtful information in there that’s sure to be helpful when you’re navigating the waters of honeymoon planning.

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