Use These Tips to Get Upgrades From Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants on Your Honeymoon



Your honeymoon is bound to be one of the greatest trips you ever take, and with all of the effort you put into planning the perfect getaway, it’s always a nice surprise when the airlines, hotels and restaurants you’re working with go the extra mile to make your stay really memorable.

For the most part, airline representatives and hotel staff members are more than happy to offer upgrades and perks in honor of your newlywed status, so there’s no harm in dropping a hint that you and your hubby are away on your ‘moon. The key is in how you go about dropping said hint: Demanding free stuff because you just got married is a no-no, but politely sharing the news when the timing is appropriate is a great way to let the staff know that you’re celebrating.

If you’re unsure how best to go about it, take a look at these smart tips for how to tell airlines, hotels and more that it’s your honeymoon. After all, these places can’t help you celebrate your just-married status if they don’t even know that you are.

Have any of you already experienced any kind upgrades when booking any part of your honeymoon?

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