10 Tips for Planning—and Enjoying—the Perfect Honeymoon



Planning your honeymoon should be one of the more exciting tasks on your wedding-day checklist, but oftentimes all of the decisions—like where to go, where to stay and how much to spend—that go into coordinating your post-nuptial getaway can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Not exactly the emotion you want to feel when planning the best vacation of your life, right?

To help ease along the process, take a look at these 10 steps to planning the honeymoon that’s perfect for you (“you” not including your mother-in-law, friends or whoever else feels the need to weigh in on your travel plans). This handy guide takes you step-by-step through the entire honeymoon process, from deciding if you actually want to go on one (and when) to how to adjust to real life once you return.

Everything from setting a budget to making the most of your trip is included here, so check it out to make planning your ‘moon so much manageable.

 Find more honeymoon ideas, advice and inspiration, go here.

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