PW Reader Ring: Becky & Jeremy!

Becky's ring!

Becky’s ring!

The couple: Becky Fenlin and Jeremy Friedman, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has an emerald-cut center stone with a halo, flanked by smaller emerald-cut diamonds (each with their own mini halos), set in white gold. I feel like it’s simple, slightly vintage looking, and beautiful.

When Jeremy first suggested that we go ring shopping, I was initially disappointed. I had always thought I wanted someone that knew me well enough to pick out a ring on their own, fully confident I would love it.

Pragmatic Jeremy, however, rationalized: “If I’m going to buy something you’re going to wear forever, I want to make sure that it’s something you like!” I couldn’t really argue with that; the logic made sense even though it wasn’t what I was expecting.

One Sunday afternoon we ventured into Barsky’s on Jewelers’ Row, and it was beyond overwhelming to see the thousands and thousands of options available. Cut? Settings? Mountings? Neither of us knew anything about diamonds, and Vinnie patiently held our hands and helped us navigate the vast world of engagement rings.

After trying on a few styles, and then playing around with a couple of different stones, we settled on a style and combination that I loved.

The proposal: I love Jeremy to bits and pieces, but romance is not his forte, and our proposal story is extremely anticlimactic, but totally us.

We moved immediately after he had picked up the ring, and once the craziness of moving and unpacking had settled down, knowing that my ring (!!!!!) was hidden in his closet until he found the “right moment” was killing me.

After about a week of this, it coincidentally happened to be the first night of Hanukkah, and our three-year anniversary. I was sitting in my dog’s bed in the room we use as his office, still in my pajamas and bathrobe. It was a very sexy situation.

“You know Jer, it’s the first night of Hanukkah, and our anniversary. Is there anything you want to ask me?” (Subtle, I am not.)

He knew exactly what I was talking about, and spun around in his desk chair to face me. “You really want me to ask you now, without any fancy fanfare or theatrics?”

I didn’t even have to think for a second before yelping, “Yes!!!

“Are you sure?” he asked. “You won’t be disappointed to not have some crazy proposal story to tell?”

An intricate proposal would have been completely un-Jeremy, and completely un-us. I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I didn’t need any pomp or circumstance. I just needed him to ask me, and make this official already!

“No Jeremy, just ask me!” I was trying to be reassuring, but I’m sure my enthusiasm made me appear more hyper than chill-beast.

“Ok…” he said, as he got up and went to the closet to pull out that magical little box. He got down on one knee in front of me, handed me the ring, and asked if I would marry him.

Of course I immediately said YESSSS!!!!!, and then took a million pictures (still in my pajamas and natty robe) to send to my family and friends.

The band: Two-months after the proposal, I still a) am so happily surprised every time I look down and see that ring on my hand, b) am obsessed with cleaning my ring all the time (the Magnasonic cleaner has been a dream product) so it can be as shiny as possible, always, and c) have no idea what to do about a wedding band.

I’d love something antiquey and sparkly (definitely sparkly), possibly with opals and diamonds to represent both of our birthstones. It (almost) doesn’t even matter though, I’m so happy that I get to end up with Jeremy that all the jewelry stuff is just gravy, anyway.

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