Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: If You Propose In the Middle of a Busy Highway, You’ll Probably Face Charges

This is really something.

As far as I can tell, Interstate I-45 in Houston seems comparable to our 76: It’s a busy highway, it heads into town, and at times both expected and not, it can quickly become a jam-packed nightmare.

Picture that: When 76 East just starts slowing down and the realization sets in that you’re about to sit for forever—and then imagine, please, that when you finally creep towards the offending thing causing the delay, you find, instead of a scene that provokes your sympathy (fender bender, or something worse), some idiot who has chosen the left lane to propose love and marriage to his lady friend.

Most of the time when I see a proposal that’s a little harebrained, I still manage to find the aw in the moment, because even if the proposal method seems silly or ill-advised, it’s usually still at least somewhat cute, and of course, what he’s doing is very nice and all. (This terrible proposal is an exception. Ugh, I still get mad when I watch that.)

But this? No. When I watch that video, all I can think about is how dumb (and unsafe!) that is, and when the camera pans back towards the endless line of headlights amid the sound of millions of honking cars (honks that I imagine are furious and not at all congratulatory), all I feel is a murderous rage. That’s lovely that you wanted to propose with her favorite view of the city in the background and all, Vidal, but you should have found a bridge or a hill or an overlook or a high-up restaurant or honestly anything else in the entire world except the left lane of the highway.

Apparently, an off-duty officer caught up in the traffic jam felt the same way, and his official witness was enough to bring charges of obstructing a highway against our buddy, here. Tough break, dude—but, you know, best wishes!

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