PW Reader Ring: Karissa & Tanner!

Karissa's ring!

Karissa’s ring!

The couple: Karissa Stevens and Tanner Comfort, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring had a pear shaped diamond surrounded by a diamond halo, set in white gold with diamonds comprising the undercarriage. I did mention that I would like a pear-shape, and we went searching for rings together one Sunday afternoon. We stopped at three places on Jewelers’ Row, the last being Steven Singer.

Turns out, Tanner went back the very next weekend to Steven Singer, and one of the pear stones that we looked at was the one that he bought! He helped to design the setting, and then brought his mother and godmother with him to pick it up several weeks later.

The proposal: Tanner proposed in Rittenhouse Square. It was just a Wednesday evening, and he had told me that we were meeting a few of our friends for dinner at Parc, but that he wanted to “stroll the park first.”

We were walking along when we stopped at a clearing. Under a tree was a blanket (one of our blankets!), a tray with two champagne glasses, an ice bucket with champagne, and a bowl of strawberries. He led me over to the blanket where I refused to let him get down on one knee. Instead, I asked if we could pop the champagne. I knew what was coming!

Once he asked me to marry him (and I said yes of course), the whole park was clapping and taking photos! It was a very public engagement. We began to enjoy the champagne and strawberries when the park ranger came over to interrupt. Apparently, a disgruntled city goer wanted to point out that we were enjoying an adult beverage in a city park. The ranger simply said “Congratulations” instead! Once we finished the champagne, we headed over to Devil’s Alley on 19th & Chestnut where (surprise!) our friends were waiting with more champagne. Tanner had planned an after party to celebrate.

The band: We already purchased our wedding bands from Steven Singer. My band matches my engagement ring: it is a simple diamond-encrusted white -old band. (Hint hint, Tanner, I would like a second band to complete my look!) Tanner is going to be wearing a cobalt wedding band. We cannot wait until the Big Day!

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