6 Beauty Tutorials to Watch if You’re Going to DIY Your Wedding Makeup

When we talk about the tasks that you should and should not attempt to DIY for your wedding, doing your own makeup usually falls under the latter category. No bride needs the added pressure of having to get her makeup just right for the Big Day (plus it can be pretty time consuming if you mess up and have to start fresh), so more often than not, we suggest that your beauty-related to-dos are left to the pros.

There are some cases, though, where we’ll give the go ahead to DIY—if you’re one of those girls who’s really good at doing her own makeup then taking on this task can be a smart way to trim your wedding budget. Also, if you’re going for a more natural, everyday look, that may be something you can successfully pull off on your own.

Either way, it’s always best to be as prepared as possible when DIY-ing your wedding-day makeup, and YouTube beauty tutorials can be a very helpful resource for those of you who need a little guidance. These six videos—they break down the basics, like sculpting your brows, applying false lashes and contouring—are a great place to start.

Practice makes perfect, so find a look that you love and keep practicing so you’ll be comfortable and confident on the day-of.

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