Handy New Start-Up Will Help You Get Divorced For Just $99



Last year, in a blog post about divorce selfies and divorce resort packages, our editor Carrie posed this question: “Are we about to see a whole new slew of businesses, services and trends emerge that cater to and connote couples wanting to get a super casual, hey-this-is-NBD divorce?”

Well, it seems she was on to something, because we just caught word of a new start-up site that promises to simplify the divorce process for just $99. It’s called Separate.us (ha!), and basically what it’ll do is translate all of the complicated legal jargon into easy-to-read terms so that a couple can fill out their divorce papers without having to hire an attorney.

Since there are so many apps out there to help people find love, the founders of Separate.us felt there needed to be a user-friendly option for couples who were ending their relationships, too. With other, more expensive, apps on the market (there are divorce sites that charge anywhere from $299 to $10,000 per divorce), Separate.us will be the cheapest alternative for couples seeking a divorce without the burden of costly legal fees.

The site is currently in testing mode in California, but if it’s successful after it’s launch, they’ll expand to other areas.

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